How to enter the Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition and The Isobel Lodge Award for New Scottish Writing

Download entry fomr here
Preparing to send your story

Stories can only be accepted as PDF files or Microsoft Word documents (ending .doc or .docx)

Step by step directions are provided here for anyone whose software does not automatically save in thse formats. 

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When making your payment do not choose to be completely anonymous.

If you do we will not know if you have paid your fee.

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Pay your entry fee (£10 per story) to the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust

Entry to the competition costs £10 per story, donated to the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust. All proceeds are used to support the arts in Scotland.

To pay your fee by credit/debit card or PayPal
Click the button 'Pay by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal' to donate £10 per story on the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) website. When paying, please do not choose the option on the form to remain anonymous. If you do choose this option we will not be able to link your payment to your story. These payments do not qualify for Gift Aid.

To pay your fee by cheque
Payment by cheque is possible if it is drawn on a UK bank account. Make your cheque payable to the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust and for £10 per story entered. On the back of the cheque write your email address and the title of your story.
Send the cheque to:
The SAC Short Story Competition
Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust
24 Rutland Square
Edinburgh EH1 2BW, UK
Pay by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal

If you experience any problems

Send us your entry form and story by email before the 1 April deadline and we will still accept it and sort out payment later.

Short Story Awards Entry Form

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Download entry form here
Download or copy and paste the entry form 

Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition Entry Form 2018
All proceeds are used to support the arts in Scotland.
The £1000 international short story competition is open to all writers, worldwide, published or unpublished,
and over 18 years by 1 September 2018. Please complete all fields.

1. Title of story/stories: (If entering more than one story please put each title on a separate line)

​2. Personal information:
    Email Address:                                                                     
    Post Code:/ZIP
    Country (If in the UK state England, N. Ireland, Scotland or Wales)

3. Discovery: How did you find out about the Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition? 
  Facebook                            __________
  Twitter                                 ________
  Magazine/newsletter        _________
  Other (please specify):     __________________________________________________________________

4.  Member's award: Are you a member of the Scottish Arts Club? (Yes / No) _____

5. £500 Isobel Lodge Award is an additional prize only open to writers born, living or studying in Scotland who enter the main competition.  If you would also like to be considered for the Isobel Lodge Award, please answer the following:  
I was born in Scotland (Yes / No) _____
My primary residence is in Scotland (Yes / No) _____
I am studying in Scotland (Yes / No) _____
I have never had a work of fiction published (Yes / No) _____

NOTE: Writers may still qualify for the Isobel Lodge New Scottish Writer Award if they have self-published a work of fiction or had non-fiction work published commercially or in a trade/academic magazine or journal.​

6. Please confirm the following:
(a) I have read the rules for entering the Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition:   Yes______ No_______
(b) I have paid my entry fee by Credit/Debit Card______ PayPal______ Cheque______
(c) I want to receive more information about the Scottish Arts Club   _____________

7. I confirm the truth of all statements and responses. _________